Who is AzenoX ?

Who is AzenoX

Name: Alexis
Username: AzenoX
Age: 18
Location: France

I like:
    - Video Games
    - Programming
    - Cinema
    - Streaming

    - Rocket League
    - Minecraft
    - Trackmania¬≤ Stadium
    - Counter Strike : Global Offensive

And Programming?

And Programming?

Since my 14 years, I code nice little stuff ... For so many years, I could learn many languages. First, I learned HTML and CSS to do my project. After, I wanted to do advanced sites, so I learned the PHP coupled with SQL. Well I also know a minimum Javascript ... A few months later, I wanted to make plugins for Minecraft servers. So I learned Java (especially with the Bukkit / Spigot APIs). In 2015, I quickly learned C ++ because I had to do a project in terminal (A game bitch). With C ++, I had to use the SFML library and Qt.